Benefits of Utilizing Counterfeit Detectors

Anyone who owns a business that deals with cash knows that counterfeit bills are just a part of everyday life. Millions of counterfeit bills are circulating the monetary system in the United States and tons more are made every single day. Criminals take this money and attempt to pass the bills of as regular currency, in an attempt to make purchases.

In the past, it was much harder to decipher a fake bill from a real one, but the technological age that we now live in makes it much easier to pick out the counterfeits with a a detector such as this counterfeit money detector. The way people used to detect fake bills was by either holding the bill up to a light or looking through it, or by marking it with a pen to check the change in color. This method can catch some poorly crafted bills, but a professional can easily create bills that will pass these methods. Although technology has also helped counterfeiters hone in on their craft with more detail, we now have devices that can aid in picking out the fake bills. These machines are called counterfeit detectors and they have become an integral part of businesses and companies all around the world.

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In essence, the counterfeit detectors are designed to scan the bills and determine if any are fake. There is a multitude of different machines that are designed specifically to suit the needs of various businesses. There are smaller machines that a bill can be held under, which will scan the bill and tell you whether the bill is fake or not. These are the preferred counterfeit detectors for businesses who deal with the general public and are engaging in cash transactions all day. The employee at the register can simply put the bill under the machine to scan it and they will immediately know whether the bill is real or not.

Banks and other large institutions that deal with thousands of bills on a daily basis, a lot of the time in bulk transactions need other methods. The simple scanning of one bill is not conducive to their needs. Therefore, they use much larger machines that are capable of processing thousands of bills at a single time. Bills are entered into the machine in stacks and shuffled through the counterfeit detector. The machine has several slots that will return the bills; one for the real bills and one for the counterfeits. This innovation has saved companies immense amount of time and money, as they no longer have to go through each bill to determine if they are legitimate.